RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival, is back – marking its 16th edition – from the 28th of November until the 3rd of December at Casa del Cinema in Rome, showing more than 100 Italian previews.

The new edition of RIFF will be focused on Spain, particularly concentrating on music and human rights. As a matter of facts, the subheading for the agenda “Opere Prime” will be “Storie e Canzoni” (Stories and Songs).

RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival – Vizual ; Ustupio RIFF

Following last year’s homage to Claudio Caligari, in this edition the Festival will pay tribute to Valerio Zurlini, another great Italian cinematographer who passed away 35 years ago. In 1962, he was awarded the Leone d’Oro in Venice for his film Cronaca Familiare (which will be screened at RIFF). With 10 films produced in 20 years of activity, Valerio Zurlini’s distinctive trait lays in his characters, always struggling between their tough past, uncertain present and non-existent future.

Certainly, there will be RIFF 2017 masterclasses, such as those held by the screenwriter and documentarist Lise Birk Pedersen, and director of photography Luciano Tovoli. Tovoli, who was born in 1936, played a leading role among those who carried on the transformation of the lighting standards in Italian cinema in the 70’s, by introducing studio-shot films to the authenticity of reportage photography.

RIFF Awards 2017 – Announced the international documentaries in competition

Many names and titles, but all in common an intriguing need to exalt figures that have remained for years in the shadows, sentiments and denounce

Announced all the finalists in competition – from November 28 @ Casa del Cinema over 100 Italian premiers !

Thank you for participating!

FOCUS SPAGNA: this program aims to spread the work of those filmmakers who are at the beginning of their careers

The title of the Spanish section that we present is “Opere prime” and the subtitle is “Stories e Canzoni”.

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