Dear partners, colleagues, collaborators, friends, fans,

last October we bid farewell to the 28th International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra with the following words: “See you in a year.” However, the run-up to the next festival year and the Association’s other projects was disrupted by an unforeseen and unfamiliar situation – the outbreak of COVID-19, and with it an endangerment of the most valuable thing we possess. Our health and lives.

Like all other subjects in the field of art and culture around the world, we too were affected by the silence and vacuum that suddenly set in in the public sphere. We have been forced to call off our visits to international festivals (which were cancelled) and to Slovak theatres (which are closed), and deferred residencies of creative teams working on new productions for Divadelná Nitra – in Nitra, Dublin, Kortrijk, and Ljubljana. Indeed, it is barely a year since we joined the large international project BE SpectACTive!, built on the very ideas of mobility and networking, and now we are suddenly all at home. We are working hard to find a new mode of operation for this project, as well for all of our other projects (How to Understand Theatre, V4@Theatre Critics Residency, A Tulip For You, This is Art Too) based on participant interaction – be it with students, foreign critics, physically challenged children or the wider public.

This adaptation does not merely concern the form and outputs of our projects but also our mode of work in general. From our homes and the homes of our families in Nitra, Dražovce, Slepčany, Trstín, Bratislava and Jastrabá (SK),
Brno and Prague (CZ), as well as Postojna (SI), we continue selecting and arranging for the main programme, finalizing our design, conceiving new forms of PR and completing our online archives and especially a broader move to the virtual world. This is where you will find us in the upcoming weeks. We do not want to lose you.

We, therefore, turn to you – our partners, co-organisers, collaborators, and audiences – with the hope that we will meet again as we carry out our project activities, and above all at the 29th International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra. We did not suspect just how symbolic its title, ‘territory ethos’, would become.

We are well aware that visiting theatres and festivals is hardly your first concern in these times of uncertainty, caused by the ongoing predicament and even more so by concerns about its aftermath.

We know that September 2020 will be no ordinary month. Yet we choose to believe it will present the beginning of a new path we are about to embark on, geared by the experience of what is currently transpiring. With a refreshed hope and energy.

This is why we would like to ask you for your kind and active support in this period of crisis, which is even more important to us than ever before. If we want to overcome the impact of the present situation, we need to begin thinking about re-establishing society now.

With this firm hope, we continue working and believe that you will maintain your sympathy and support.

For up-to-date information about our activities, please follow us on social media @divadelnanitra and at

We are thinking of you, and are grateful for your previous and hopefully your continued support.
We’re all in this together.
Wishing you a beautiful spring and good health.

Team Divadelná Nitra

Medzinárodný festival
International Theatre Festival
25. –– 30. sept.
územie étos / territory ethos

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