Due to the current COVID-19 lockdown in Denmark, CPH:DOX will move from March to the end of April in 2021 to allow for physical events for national audiences as well as the international industry. At the same time, an ambitious digital programme is planned.

The new hybrid version of CPH:DOX will run from April 21 to May 2 in 2021.

Read the full press release on the CPH:DOX website.

CPH:INDUSTRY on-site and onlineThis year’s CPH:INDUSTRY programme will unspool April 26-30 and is being developed in a hybrid format to equally serve the film professionals, who will be able to attend personally in Copenhagen, and the large professional community that will connect remotely from their home countries all around the world.

CPH:DOX’s long standing financing and co-production event, CPH:FORUM will offer tailored events both on-site in Copenhagen and online. The programme is designed to enhance the opportunities of both distinct environments, while making an effort to make the online and on-site communities interact and enrich each other.

CPH:CONFERENCE, presented in partnership with leading European training initiative Documentary Campus, will be fully available online for a large international audience to join. The inspiring and interactive 5-day programme will take a snapshot of the post-pandemic world, research options to overcome some of the hurdles and elaborate on an action plan to move forward together. If you can’t join live, your accreditation will give you access to it all for +30 days.

CPH:MARKET will offer easy, on-demand access to an extensive line-up of visually and artistically strong films selected for CPH:DOX 2021 during the festival, also for +30 days.

2021 Accreditation is now open!

Secure your accreditation as an industry professional now and get access to all of the above and much more! We offer accreditations in four different categories: Forum, Industry, Academy and Press.

Read more about what they give access to, distinctions between online and on-site participation, and get your accreditation here!

Naturally, all festival gatherings in Copenhagen are planned in a close collaboration with Danish and international health authorities, in line with the current pandemic precautions.

We look forward to welcoming you – online and on-site!

Tune in to CPH:LAB’s Fireside Chat #3This month’s Fireside chat features Toby Coffey, who established the UK National Theatre’s Immersive Storytelling Studio. It examines how Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality along with other emerging technologies can enhance the theatre’s remit to be a pioneer of dramatic storytelling.

Join us to learn more about the groundbreaking work of the studio through the lens of Toby’s own learnings and perspectives and his approach to taking managed risks within a longer term innovation strategy.

The talk will be broasted live to the CPH:DOX Facebook page on January 13, 17:00 CET.

If you missed the previous Fireside Chat with Augmented Reality pioneer Karim Ben Khelifa you can watch the replay here.

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