Dear friends,
we are inviting you to the 23rd edition of the Mladi Levi Festival!

August 22 – 29, 2020
Bunker, Ljubljana, Slovenia

This year, like everything around us, also Mladi Levi International Festival will be a little different, having a strong focus on promoting exceptional local artists.
During the corona lock down Bunker crew decided to invite eleven artists to create new ideas of possible (or impossible) aristic works and this year’s festival will feature some of these new productions by interesting local artists, among which Mirjana Medojević with the performance At My Place and Jaka Andrej Vojevec with the interactive exhibition Theatre of Human Kind. The festival will present four renown women artists of different artistic disciplines: Mateja Bučar with the dance performance REAR WINDIW / Artist Without Answers and Tina Kozin, Saška Rakef and Bojana Šaljić Podešva with electroacoustic radio opera Eden. Slovene artists of the younger generation will also be presented with their new projects, among them Brina Klampfer: For the Health of the Nation, Nika Švab & Luka Martin Škof: TransPLANT and Tery Žeželj & Ivana Vogrinc Vidali: Archive of Self-Sufficiency.

Even if in a lesser degree, Mladi Levi 2020 will stay international!
Among others the festival will proudly host Italian artist Francesca Grilli with the performance Sparks; Swiss artist Boris Nikitin with the performance An Attempt on Dying, Belgian artist Davis Freeman with the performance Do My Mouth, French circus performers Camille Boîtel and Sève Bernard, the Austrian-Bosnian collective God’s Entertainment with the installation Under the Carpet, the author of the Museum of Broken Relationships, Olinka Vištica from Croatia, Macedonian artist Filip Jovanovski with the performance This Building Talks Truly, all Balkan band MAiKA and others…

Mladi Levi will comment on the current situation in the society and the wider consequences of the pandemic through a series of philosophical and artistic conversations with theoretician dr. Bojana Kunst, actress Katarina Stegnar, philosopher dr. Renata Salecel, historian dr. Mateja Ratej, director Milo Rau, poet Muanis Sinanović, architect Miloš Kosec and director Jure Novak.

More about the programme soon at

Right after the Mladi levi festival, the Slovene platform TRIGGER 2020 takes place from 29th – 31st August – we invite you to stay and see some more of the most esciting Slovene contemporary performing arts!

For any information, please write to us to:

We are looking forward to seeing you in Ljubljana at the end of August.

the Bunker team


29 – 31 August

Right at the end of August we are inviting you to the second edition of our annual Slovenian independent scene showcase platform TRIGGER.

Join us in Ljubljana from August 29th to 31st, 2020, and enjoy a selection of TRIGGERing performances from Slovenia.

This edition focuses on the performer, their role, and particularity in the Slovenian context.
The aim of the hosts was to present you with a diverse pallet of local performers and their practices.

And to TRIGGER you in discussing the contextual and aesthetic specifics of the programming.

More about the programme here.

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