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Western Noir

A new breed of westerns emerged after World War II, stained by film noir’s anxious, disenchanted mood and enriched by its psychological and moral complexity. Romantic myths of the frontier gave way to tougher tales of ruthless outlaws, corrupt cattle barons, gold-crazed prospectors, mercenary gunfighters, and lonely, damaged men obsessively pursuing vengeance for past wrongs. From brooding black-and-white dramas like Station West and I Shot Jesse James to the harrowing, elegiac masterpieces of Anthony Mann, the West’s landscapes prove as haunted and dangerous as any shadowy city in these dark gems, presented with a new introduction by critic Imogen Sara Smith.

Looking for a place to start?
Follow essential noir leading man Robert Mitchum out west in the taut thriller Blood on the Moon. Then watch Ida Lupino and Marlene Dietrich play the frontier femmes fatales of Lust for Gold and Rancho Notorious—the latter directed by supreme noir craftsman Fritz Lang.

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Between the Lines

Inspired by director Joan Micklin Silver’s time working at the Village Voice, this slice-of-life seriocomedy offers an incisive, bittersweet look at a shifting media landscape.

Auto Focused

The roar of the engines, the smell of burning rubber on pavement, and the adrenaline-rush exhilaration of pedal-to-the-metal speed: these two action classics are guaranteed to get your motor running.

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World

As part of our Art-House America series, Tucson’s the Loft selects a film that explores a missing chapter of American music history: the Indigenous influence.

Young Ahmed

Exclusive streaming premiere: The latest social-realist triumph from Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne offers a clear-eyed, grippingly naturalistic portrait of a young life in crisis. (Available in the U.S. only.)

Mad Hot Ballroom

Fifth graders from across New York City’s public schools journey into the life-changing world of ballroom dancing in this irresistible documentary from Marilyn Agrelo.


Certain Women

Kelly Reichardt captures the rhythms of daily life in small-town Montana through these fine-grained portraits of women trapped within wide-open spaces.

SUPPLEMENTAL FEATURES: Interviews with Reichardt, executive producer Todd Haynes, and author Maile Meloy.

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