Our June Releases

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Charged with a yearning that almost transcends time and space, Céline Sciamma’s sumptuous eighteenth-century romance mines the emotional and artistic possibilities that emerge when women can freely live together and see one another in a world without men.

Special Features: A new conversation between Sciamma and film critic Dana Stevens, new interviews with actors Adèle Haenel and Noémie Merlant, and more.

Come and See

This legendary film from Soviet director Elem Klimov is a senses-shattering plunge into the dehumanizing horrors of war, a waking nightmare of unimaginable carnage and cruelty rendered with a feverish, otherworldly intensity by Klimov’s subjective camera work.

Special Features: A new tribute to the film by cinematographer Roger Deakins, interviews with cast and crew members, a short documentary about the making of the film, and more.

The Cameraman

Buster Keaton is at the peak of his slapstick powers in the first film that the silent-screen legend made after signing with MGM, the culmination of an extraordinary, decade-long run that produced some of the most innovative and enduring comedies of all time.

Special Features: Keaton’s 1929 feature Spite Marriage, audio commentary by author Glenn Mitchell, a new documentary by Daniel Raim, and more.

An Unmarried Woman

One woman’s journey of self-discovery brings about a warmly human cultural conversation about female liberation in this wonderfully frank, funny chronicle of changing 1970s sexual politics by Paul Mazursky, starring Jill Clayburgh in her defining role.

Special Features: Audio commentary featuring Mazursky and Clayburgh, new interviews with actors Michael Murphy and Lisa Lucas, and more.

Tokyo Olympiad

Directed by Kon Ichikawa, this magnificent spectacle remains one of the greatest films ever made about sports, capturing the 1964 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo in lyrical widescreen images that effected a transformative influence on the art of documentary filmmaking.

Special Features: Audio commentary by film historian Peter Cowie, over eighty minutes of additional footage from the Tokyo Games, and more.

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