JUNE 15, 2020

Our September Titles

This fall, we’re putting the spotlight on stories of outsiders stirring things up and inspiring transformation. From Claire Denis’s visually stunning study of masculine jealousy, to Francesco Rosi’s epic elegy of exile and Italian society, to David Lynch’s transcendent reimagining of a true-life outcast, this month’s titles are all about major personal shifts. Also coming soon is the latest box-set edition of Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project series, which highlights new restorations of films by Med Hondo, Humberto Solás, Héctor Babenco, and other undersung luminaries of international cinema. Plus: Jules Dassin’s The Naked City and Brute Force on Blu-ray!

And, a friendly reminder: Today is your last chance to receive 30% off SRP on all discs, including preorders. Place your order by midnight!

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