The winners of the 16th edition of the international documentary film festival CPH:DOX have been announced at an Award Ceremony taking place at Kunsthal Charlottenborg Friday evening.

CPH:DOX announced the winners of the festival’s six international competitions: DOX:AWARD, NEW:VISION, F:ACT AWARD, NORDIC:DOX, NEXT:WAVE and Politiken Audience Award.

Winners at CPH:DOX 2019

DOX:AWARD: ‘Ridge’ by John Skoog (Sweden)
NEW:VISION: ‘A Moon for My Father’ by Mania Akbari og Douglas White (Iran)
FACT:AWARD: ‘Dark Suns’ by Julien Elie (Canada)
NORDIC:DOX: ‘The Men’s Room’ by Petter Sommer & Jo Vemund Svendsen (Norway)
NEXT:WAVE: ‘Kabul, City in the Wind’ by Aboozar Amini (Afghanistan, Netherlands, Japan, Germany)
Politiken Audience Award: ‘Push’ af Fredrik Gertten (Sweden)
Eurimages Co-Production Development Award: ‘Four Brothers’ by Peter-Jan de Pue and Vincent Metzinger (Belgium, Germany)
DR Talent Award: ‘Secrets Between Lovers’ by Kathrine Skibsted, Andrine Moland and Caroline Salic (Denmark)


Ridge ; Fotografiju ustupio CPH:DOX

The festival’s main prize, DOX:AWARD 2019, went to ‘Ridge’ by Swedish John Skoog – a supernaturally beautiful hybrid film from the Swedish summer. Polish rural workers arrive by ferry to Sweden to work on the farms. The locals celebrate the harvest long into the night, and the youngsters have drinking rituals in the forests. The summer sun casts long shadows, and in the twilight everything comes to life. A unique work born in the triangle between visual art, abstract fiction and documentary materiality from northern Skåne, where the director and artist John Skoog himself grew up.

The jury states: “We would like to honor a film that takes formal virtuosity to new heights, yet never loses sight of the human experience. If Tarkovsky had played video games and was a Swedish farmer, this might be what his films would have looked like.”

The winning film can be seen on Monday April 1, 3pm at Cinemateket.

The jury also gave a Special Mention to German Pia Hellenthal’s performative film ‘Searching Eva’ about the 25-year-old outsider diva, Eva, in the age of the internet.

Searching Eva ; Fotografiju ustupio CPH: DOX

DOX:AWARD is presented in collaboration with DR.


The winner of NEW:VISION AWARD 2019 is Iranian Mania Akbari and British Douglas White’s raw and performative video work ‘A Moon for My Father’, which held its world premiere at the festival.

A Moon for My Father ; Fotografiju stupio CPH:DOX

On their motivation, the jury says: “‘A Moon For My Father’ is a complex and generous film about bodies. Bodies of work, bodies of politics and history – an extraordinary artist’s body as host of disease and transformation under pressure – and as the subsequent carrier and giver of life.”

‘A Moon for My Father’ can still be seen Monday April 1, 6.30pm at Cinemateket.


The F:ACT AWARD 2019 went to ‘Dark Suns’ by Canadian Julien Elie – investigating the epidemic wave of killings of, above all, women in Mexico. A phenomenon with a complex web of causes, from drug crime and trafficking to a misogynous culture and serial killers.

Dark Suns ; Fotografiju ustupio CHP:DOX

The jury states: “The filmmaker has invested almost as many years of his life and work to bring the story to us and he does it with a huge solidarity with his characters and with a patience that gives the audience a deep sense of the complexity of this tragedy.”

‘Dark Suns’ will be screening one last time Sunday March 31, 1pm at Palads.

The jury also gave a Special Mention to Luke Lorentzen’s ‘Midnight Family’ – a gripping film about a family running a private ambulance service in Mexico City.

Midnight Family ; Fotografiju ustupio CPH:DOX

F:ACT AWARD is presented in collaboration with the Danish Union of Journalists and International Media Support, IMS.


The winner of the NORDIC:DOX AWARD 2019, which represents the best and brightest in cinema from the Nordic countries, is ‘The Men’s Room’ by Norwegian Petter Sommer and Jo Vemund Svendsen. Every Tuesday, 25 men in their prime get together in a bar in Oslo to sing in a choir and drink beers. They have joked that they will sing at each other’s funerals and now it looks like the choir’s conductor will be the first to be sung out.

The jury states: “We agreed unanimously on the winner. The NORDIC:DOX AWARD goes to a film that made us both laugh and cry. A tribute to friendship and male vulnerability.”

‘The Men’s Room’ can be seen on Tuesday April 2, 5.30pm at Empire.

Mating ; Fotografiju ustupio CPH:DOX

The jury also gave a Special Mention to Swedish Lina Manheimer’s ‘Mating’


Aboozar Amini’s ‘Kabul, City in the Wind’ is this year’s winner of NEXT:WAVE AWARD, the festival’s competition for emerging, international filmmakers. To contrast the impressionistic scenes of the city’s chaos, the director Aboozar Amini lets his protagonists speak directly to the camera – and to us – about their dreams, fears and hopes for the future.

The jury states: “An impressive, artistic and breathtaking documentary that goes beyond war and death and is a deep, devastating and deeply moving portrait of life and characters which you won’t forget. This is only the debut feature of the director but it shows an incredible sense of artistic ambition and a brilliant, bold use of cinematography, editing and sound.”

‘Kabul, City in the Wind’ screens Sunday March 31, 2.15pm at Dagmar and Monday April 1, 9.15pm at Gloria.

Inland ; Fotografiju ustupio CPH:DOX

‘Inland’ by Spanish director Juan Palacios also received a Special Mention from the jury. The film had its world premiere at CPH:DOX.

NEXT:WAVE is presented in collaboration with Normann Copenhagen.


Swedish Fredrik Gertten’s ‘Push’ received the Politiken Audience Award 2019 – exploring the skyrocket housing prices around the world. The film held its world premiere at the festival.

Leilani Farha from the United Nations is working to push governments all over the world to secure a fundamental human right to housing, and in ‘Push’ she travels to some of the world’s biggest cities to examine the scale and causes of the housing crisis. What she finds is appalling. But in an alliance with mayors from Berlin to Barcelona, a new project comes about that might turn the trend.

You can still catch ‘Push’ at the cinema on Sunday March 31, 8pm at Empire and Monday April 1, 9.30pm at Grand Teatret.


Four Brothers ; Fotografiju ustupio CPH:DOX

The winners of the Eurimages Co-Production Development Award for best pitch and the DR Talent Award were also handed out during the festival. The former went to Peter-Jan de Pue and Vincent Metzinger for ’Four Brothers’ while the Talent Award went to Kathrine Skibsted, Andrine Moland and Caroline Salic.

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