Exciting and highly relevant debates are in the programme on CPH:DOX ‘s fourth day. Get read up on fascism ‘s ability to fascinate, antisemitism in Eastern Europe and bacteria ‘s power in the world of epidemics.

Here is the day’ s guide to the big experiences at CPH:DOX that you can’ t miss out on. You can find an overview of all the day’ s events in the calendar here.

Debate: Seduced by ISIS
An evening presented in collaboration with TV2, focusing on the complex fascionation with extrememism. We follow up the film with debate in the company of director Peter Vesterlund, war journalist and writer Åsne Seierstad, and expert on radicalisation Khaterah Parwani who appears herself in the film (the debate is in Danish).

Kunsthal Charlottenborg, 18:00Tickets

Keep Quiet

The paradoxes of hatred and extremism are revealed in a dramatic film full of twists, where a Hungarian neo-Nazi has the surprise of his life and makes a decision that will change everything. After the film there will be a debate about anti-semitism in Hungary and Eastern Europe. Meet former Danish Chief Rabbi Bent Melchior, and sociologist, political scientist and media expert Miklós Sükösd (Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen) who specializes in Eastern Europe media and politics. The debate will be moderated by danish journalist Karin Larsen, who is specializein Eastern European affairs, and have met and interviewed Csanad Szegedi.

Nordisk Film Palads, 19:00Tickets

Unseen Enemy

Health researchers all over the world are working to keep one step ahead in the fight against the invisible threat from bacteria and epidemics. Join us on the forefront of the global fight, when ‘Unseen Enemy’ examines the enormous power of tiny bacteria and presents the audience with the people who are trying to make a difference and keep entire nations healthy. The film will be followed up with expert talk.

Cinemateket, 19:00Tickets

Death of a child

How do you live with the unbearable? When the worst thing has happened, and you have nobody to blame but yourself? Two tough questions that ‘Death of a Child’ asks with great psychological sensitivity to a group of parents, who every day have to ask themselves just that. How do you survive being responsible for your own child’s death? An insightful and poignant film by the directing couple Frida and Lasse Barkfors, who also made the CPH:DOX hit ‘Pervert Park ‘ meet them after the screening!

Grand Teatret, 14:00Tickets

Vape Wave

A disruptively entertaining but frighteningly serious look at the lowbrow lifestyle symbol of them all: the e-cigarette! Afterwards Q & A with the director, Jan Kounen the man behind film as diverse as the cult classic ‘ Dobermann ‘, the rosy romance ‘Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky’ and now also ‘ Vape Wave ‘.

Empire Bio, 17:45Tickets

Waiting for the Sun

Two years in a Chinese orphanage for children of criminals. Three siblings must find a new life in the shadow of a crime they did not commit. ‘Waiting for the Sun’ is filmed from the children’s own point of view, and Kaspar Astrup Schröder has created a nuanced and sensitive film, where the young lives take shape along the way. Afterwards there will be a debate!

Grand Teatret, 18:30Tickets

How to Meet a Mermaid

The secrets of the sea and a woman’s search for her missing brother in a film with a poetic eye for the adventurous dimension of the tragedy. Why did Coco’s brother Lex leave his knife on the beach that fateful day something a diver would never do? And who was her brother really behind his introverted exterior? ‘How to Meet a Mermaid’ connects the dots in its story with the overview of a detective and the sensuality of a poet, and dedicates its search to the many people who each year go missing without trace in the sea.

Nordisk Film Dagmar, 19:00Tickets

The President from the North

Can you jump out as president and create a new and democratic Somalia after spending 47 years in Denmark? This is what the 67-year-old Ahmed Dualeh believes, when he packs his bags in Denmark and heads towards the country, which he more than anything else dreams of being able to rebuild based on the values he has learned to appreciate in Denmark. But the dream turns out to be far removed from Somali reality.

Park Bio, 21:30Tickets

Spectator Records-Up in Smoke

CPH:DOX and Scandinavia Standard invite you the world premiere about Denmark’s best kept musical secret! Listen to the attracting story of Spectator Records which put out a startlingly diverse array of music, from free-form jazz to children’s music. After the screening Scandinavia Standard will hold a Q&A with the filmmakers behind the documentary, also followed by VJ set of Vinyl-aficionados Ras Money & Don Stener !

Absalon, 20:00Tickets.