The third day at CPH:DOX offers family screenings, an arrangement on the man behind Trump, concerts with Norwegian disco music, velvety tones with audio visuals and parties, as well as a huge array of films all the way from techno music to school classes with asylum seekers. Dive into our daily guide to the festival’ s most important, fun and relevant films, arrangements and experiences, that you must not miss out on. You can also get an overview over all of the day’s events in the calendar here.


Jaha ‘s promise

Like most other girls in Gambia, Jaha Dukureh was circumcised when she was very young. Her marriage was arranged when she was eight, and as a 15-year-old she got married to a 40-year-old man in New York. ‘Jaha’s Promise’ is a touching story about a young girl’s struggle to take control of her own body, and about having the courage to confront her father, the politicians and the community that surrounds her. An extremely important political document in a world where over 200 million women live with the devastating consequences of female genital mutilation, which is still being practised in 30 countries. A strong film about an even stronger woman, and an experience that lingers on long after you have left the cinema.

Cinemateket, 12.00, Tickets.

Resurrecting Hassan

The loss of their son Hassan, who drowned when he was seven, has left the Harting family with a deep loss, which the father and his wife Peggy are trying to alleviate by trying to contact him in the afterlife through an occult and esoteric mysticism. Denis, Peggy and their daughter Lauviah are blind and live off singing in Montreal’s subway – and their both loving and devoted, but also conflict-ridden relationship to each other is marked by the loss of their son, whose eyesight was intact. And it gradually dawns on Denis that Peggy has her own personal reasons to reach out to the world of the occult through the Russian mystic Grigory Grabovoy’s obscure teachings.

Gloria, 21:00Tickets.


Miss Kiet ‘s Children


‘Miss Kiet’s Children’ follows closely the everyday in a Dutch school for asylum-seeking children. Here, children from countries like Syria and Iraq come to a new life and a language they don’t yet understand. Their souls are scarred at much too early an age, but in the classroom they are allowed to learn and play under the loving but disciplined supervision of the experienced school teacher, Miss Kiet. The pupils don’t only learn to read, count and write they also learn to help each other, talk together and understand the challenges that they must jointly overcome in the Dutch classroom.

Nordisk Film Dagmar, 19:00Tickets.

Rage + Afterparty

Techno culture and anarchism are two alternative social forms that have much in common in their radical re-evaluation of all social relations. An overlooked but obvious thought that ‘Rage’ takes to the extreme in a philosophical rave party, that gives enough time and space to both the theoreticians and musicians on the fringes of society and takes them all equally seriously. Intellectual ideas come to explosion in light and sound with the backdrop of post-industrial factory ruins. Guy-Marc Hinant is himself the co-founder of the record label Sub Rosa, which at the end of the 1980s released electronic music in its most advanced form. After the screening on March 18th, we invite you to an all night long acidhouse-afterparty at Culture Box with one half of Underworld, Darren Emerson – for 50 kr with film ticket

Cinemateket, 21:00Tickets.

DRIB + CPH:DOX x VICE: PC Music + Girls Nights Out

We are celebrating the European premiere of the Norwegian filmmaker Kristoffer Borgli’s tremendously entertaining meta hybrid film ‘DRIB’ with an effervescent soda pop disco at Betty Nansen Theatre! The record company and post-internet phenomenon PC Music, which has made the soundtrack for the film, provides a pop-up concert in the theatre’s foyer, and the recent EP-releasing Girls Night Out will fill the auditorium with colourful candy pop. ‘DRIB’ reconstructs the incredible but true story about a failed and violent marketing campaign for an energy drink. Questions about real and fake, art and advertising are mixed together in an intoxicating cocktail.

Betty Nansens Teater, 19:30Tickets.


Alternative Facts: The Steve Bannon Reality Show (with Jan-Werner Müller among others)


Steve Bannon is the man behind the right-wing media outlet Breitbart News, and now also the man behind Donald Trump. He has been called America’s de facto president. And he has so far also made nine so-called ‘documentaries’, where he with his usual sense of alternative facts castigates hate objects such as Obama and the Occupy movement, and celebrates his own heroes such as Sarah Palin and obscure Christian fundamentalist reality stars. CPH:DOX and Føljeton have dedicated an entire evening to the grey eminence behind the world’s most powerful man. You will be able to meet the German political scientist Jan-Werner Müller in a talk with Lars Trier Mogensen about Trump’s populism, Princeton professor, Erika Kiss will discuss the difference between genuine film rhetoric and film propaganda, and artist Christian von Borries review Bannon’s entire film catalogue with the aim of ‘learning from the enemy’. This is for everyone who wants to understand who is really hiding behind Donald Trump.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg, 21:00Tickets.


Lindstrøm vs. film: Northern Disco Lights 


The film ‘Northern Disco Lights’ is the mad story about how the most sweat-inducing music came from the coldest place in Norway, when a group of teenagers started a radio station in Tromsø and invented a spaced-out and more electronic version of disco music. This, of course, is cause for celebration and we are therefore presenting a live concert with one of the genre’s greatest stars, Lindstrøm, who will fire up the turntables and give us a true disco party at the film’s international premiere at Bremen Teater! After the concert, there will be a night bar afterparty with the disco friendly DJs Christian d’Or and Soul Shaker.

Bremen Teater, 21:00Tickets.

IRAH vs. Max Morris-Doherty + Itasca

Less is more. A principle that Danish IRAH and American Itasca share, and with their few, stylish means they will fill Absalon with velvety smooth tunes and visuals. Itasca (Kayla Cohen) has her roots deep in the American folk tradition and accompanies her heartfelt songs with fingerpicking on the guitar and a light accompaniment of drums, pedal steel and percussion as well as found film footage and own images. IRAH has quickly captured an audience with its soulful synth universe, which offers advanced compositions and a catchy form, which is far beyond the templates of pop. Everything is tied together with Stine Grøn’s light vocals, which elegantly float above the spherical electronic instruments and visuals, which the British visual artist Max-Morris Doherty has tailored specifically for the occasion.

Absalon, 21:00Tickets.


Ama-San (with food from Årstiderne)


For over 2000 years, female divers on the Japanese peninsula of Ise have lived off – and with – the sea in a symbiosis which ‘Ama-San’ brings to life in beautiful and sensitive images. Every day is introduced with a modest prayer, but in the evening the ageing women enjoy the fruits of their hard, physical labour as they gather in cheerful company to prepare the fresh fish and eat at long tables, where there is lots of merry conversation, singing and laughter and the fact that the resolute women are well into their 60s doesn’t seem to bother them one bit. The screening at Empire is presented in collaboration with BRUS and Spontan, who after the screenings invite you to enjoy two oysters and a large beer for the price of 110 kr.

Empire, 15:00Tickets.

The sun also rises

The literary researcher Mette Høeg was in the eye of a massive publicity storm after she wrote an article where she criticised female Danish authors for being far too self-indulgent and preoccupied with their own emotional lives. She was accused of misogyny, and after the dust settled on the initial scandal, Høeg was excluded from literary circles and, soon after, from the world of academia. Isolated and hibernating in the countryside of Jutland, and with her husband Thomas Altheimer’s camera whirring around her, Høeg finally decides to fight against the collective censorship – and to live out its extreme contrast at a strip club in Mexico. The screening is followed by a conversation between Mette Høeg and Christoffer Bruun. Free Entrance.

Gentofte Hovedbibliotek, 15.45, Free entrance