A first Trailer has just been released for “Bad Trip” – a thriller set in the underground raver scene.

Branko Tomovic was most recently seen as Belcheck, Jack Bauer’s loyal Serbian friend opposite Kiefer Sutherland in the new “24” series and “Fury” opposite Brad Pitt.

Bad Trip ; Ustupio JM
Bad Trip ; Ustupio JM

“Bad Trip” tells the story of a young American street kid couple who get lost in the Electronic Dance Music scene. They go on a wild ride of raves, drugs and parties in the search for a missing girl. Branko Tomovic plays the the dangerous and cruel Malik, who has a very scary tattoo and piercings in his face.

The thriller is directed by Michael Anton and produced by Vesna Jovanoska who also produced Milcho Manchevski’s “Dust” starring Joseph Fiennes. The other cast includes Michael Monsour, Katrin Wolter, Slavko Popadic and David Hugo.

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